TRAVEL – Lodging



The touristy action is on the north side of the island (downtown).  Everything on the north side is within walking distance. Seriously, it’s about a 10 minute walk from the north-east side of Isla to the north-west side.  The map may look big, but it’s really not.
There are only two or three large resorts on the island. If you insist on an all-inclusive expierence, pick one of these.  I can’t recommend all-inclusive resorts in México as, for the price you pay, it’s typically not worth it.  The buffet food is mediocre, and drinks are not expensive in México (yes, beer is, many times, cheaper than bottled water).


Take a look at TripAdvisor for places. High-season rates will be around $60 – $120 per night. I prefer smaller places which are typically run by ex-patriots from the US or Canada.

These hotels may not subscribe to Expedia or similar travel booking sites. The best way to contact and book a room with these places is to go to their web site or just send an email.  You can expect to get a response within 24 hours, typically.


Name Price Range Rooms available
as of 8/18/11
Hotel and Restaurante Bucaneros $52 – $75 11
Hotel Plaza Alemendros $80 – $84 2?
Hotel Xbulu-Ha $50 3
Hotel Cabañas María Del Mar $100 – $125 availability
Playa Media Luna $145 – $155 3
Nautibeach Condos $244 18
Ixchel Beach Hotel $139 – $330 50% occupied

LODGING Update – 9/6/11: 

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion as to how primitive México’s hotels are. The options listed are NOT hostels. All options below are United States tourist destinations and have PRIVATE BATHROOMS. If you see an room that says “bathtub” as a feature, this means you have the option to bring Mr. Bubble with you, and soak in it’s glorious foam to your hearts content. Otherwise, rooms will have a tiled shower stall, in which case you should not bring Mr Bubble, lest you enjoy watching it escape via the drain on the floor.